About us

A year ago I decided to research the ingredients that go into making conventional body lotions. I wanted to figure out why my skin still felt dry and un-moisturized despite slathering myself in baby oil or body butters.

What I discovered deeply upset me. Conventional lotions are often full of chemicals, mineral oils, palm oil and artificial fragrances. These ingredients are not natural and not hydrating. The cultivation of palm oil - one of the most common ingredients in health & beauty products – is also tremendously detrimental to the planet.

Our skin is our largest organ. If we eat organic products, why wouldn’t we put organic products on our skin?

No nonsense hydration

I decided to make something simple and good. A lotion made of only 4 organic ingredients, no fillers, nothing artificial, nothing that hurts our planet.

Cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil & beeswax. That’s it.

The lavender and citrus lotion bars use essential oils – oils that are extracted from the plant itself. They are all natural.

I do not whip the butters. Some companies claim that whipping the butters make them more fluffy and luxurious. But more air = less product. I ain’t about that life.

Not wasteful

There is no packaging so there is no waste.

Smart butters

Ergonomically created to fit snug into the palm of your hand

Have you ever used a lotion bar only to have it break in half when you rubbed it onto the curved surface of your arm or leg? We solved that problem for you, the dome-shaped side fits snug into your palm as the flat side glides smoothly onto your skin.

I make these with our planet in mind. I make these with our health in mind.