I'm so happy with this new way to apply lotion! There's no waste with the lotion bar; no frustration trying to get every last bit out of a lotion pump. I don't have to worry about purchasing small containers of lotion to carry around in my backpack because the lotion bar is so compact It fits easily wherever (plus it smells delicious)! My skin gets very dry in the winter and I am always looking for natural remedies to keep my skin hydrated. The lotion bar is made of natural organic ingredients and there is minimal packaging, so I feel good purchasing a product that is not only good for me, but good for the environment! Organic, smells delicious and treats my skin with love! 

- Sydney B.

As a swimming instructor, I am constantly jumping in and out of a heavily chlorinated pool. This causes significant damage to the balance between skin-dehydration, and the natural oils that our bodies produce. I take great comfort in knowing that my hand crafted organic lotion bar contains exactly zero-unnecessary additives or fillers. Butter Organics is creating a product which I am proud to recommended to anyone who wishes to invest in the long term health of their skin.

- Jason W.

This product has been a godsend for my road rash scar from a motorcycle accident.
The scar was very dry all the time despite putting lotion on it. Once I started using the organic lotion bar I could see and feel the area heal much faster.
I never used to moisturize my body but now I am using this product daily

- Sonny H. 

I've dealt with ezcema my whole life and I can honestly say that these body butter bars have been my holy grail product this winter. The ingredients really help with my flare ups and the smell helps calm me down when I'm feeling stressed. They are a self care necessity!

- Maria N.